About the company

SubsOutlet is one of the largest hub for almost all OTT platforms subscription including Netflix, Prime video, HBO max, Disney+, Spotify, VPNs, game items, educational materials like Udemy courses and many more digital goods. SubsOutlet is the first in Bangladeshi website who is providing automated delivery to their customers. SubsOutlet is known for its path-breaking services with several years of experience.


SubsOutlet was launched in 2019, named as Netflix Store BD which has become the preferred OTT subscription provider for the people of Bangladesh.


You are getting all your desired subscription and digital items from one place. So what are you waiting for?

Our team

An enthusiastic and expertise team of SubsOutlet is doing their best to satisfy the customers. Let’s have a look what they are thinking about.

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Refat Ahammed

Founder and CEO

Mr. Refat is a dynamic and energetic young entrepreneur. He is studying in China. During his graduation in Computer Engineering he got the idea to make a platform where people can get all Types of OTT subscription. “People from Bangladesh, we can’t get chance to purchase OTT subscription easily so I’m trying to solve this problem in efficient way and at a lower price” said Mr. Refat. He also included “To make things easier we have launched the first automated delivery service in Bangladesh”.

Reaz Ahammed

Managing Director

SubsOutlet is nothing without their experienced and expert MD like Mr. Reaz. He is a multi-talented and hardworking guy. He has been with the SubsOutlet team from the beginning. He said, “I’m happy to get work in such innovative projects. We have so many things to improve and we are working on it. Thank you for being with us”.

Parvez Ahammed


Mr. Parvez has a characteristic personality and is a successful businessman. He said “I like the energy and ideas of young people. Youth like Refat Ahammed are capable of bringing charges in our society. They only need support. Give them support and you will see what our youth can do. I wish him the best of luck.”

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